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Shenzhen local designs highlighted at the creative design Expo

Products designed by local designers attracted most visitors attending the first China (Shenzhen) International Creative Design Expo which closed at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept. 14.

During the three-day expo, 130 domestic and international well-known design enterprises exhibited their work.

"I was impressed by some everyday products designed by Shenzhen companies. A good design should look simple and appealing and have a good function," said Kenneth Cato, chairman of Cato Partners.

One of the top industrial design companies in Shenzhen named Citic Signs Co. Ltd. displayed signs designed for Metro stations.

"The signs help passengers find platforms, change Metro lines, escape during emergencies and also find toilets. Sign design has become increasingly important," said Zhang Jianmin, general manager of Citic Signs Co. Ltd.

Zhang believed that as an integral part of industrial design, signs make things convenient for residents.

Apart from industrial design, the expo also exhibited graphic design, animation, architecture, packaging, interior design and fashion design.

"I am impressed by the three-dimensional advertisement which displays different aspects of products from different angles," said a visitor named Xu Lin who is also a designer in a packaging design company in Shenzhen.

"I like the interior design booth which advocates environmental protection and shows the intimate relationship between humans and nature, the most important concept of interior design," said Huang Dan, a student from the design college of Shenzhen University.

I am Lefty is a company that designs a range of products, including scissors and cooking utensils, only for left-handers. "Design is involved in every part of our lives, and good design can help you enjoy your life and bring more convenience to your life," said Han Meihuang, a designer of the company.

"It is a very good platform for design organizations and companies to communicate with each other to improve the design industry in China," said Trosky Chan, a member of the Hong Kong Famous Designers Association.

"I expect to see new things that other designers have not done before at this creative design expo," said Cato. He was impressed with the progress Shenzhen had achieved in the field of design which had developed from copying to creating.

Cato believes China has many advantages in design and the most significant was to make full use of Chinese elements and make one culture transform into another.